As a distributor for Eastern Technologies, Inc., ION Chemicals USA is pleased to offer a complete line of “state of the art” water treatment products.


Our cooling water program incorporates products for open-recirculating, closed loop, process water and once thru systems. These products are designed to maximize corrosion protection, and inhibit scale and deposition in all types of water quality. Our line of biocides will control a broad range of biological growths.


Using the latest technical innovations, these products will protect the entire steam system, from feed water to condensate. For external treatment, we offer a variety oxygen scavengers, neutralizing and filming amines, and metal passivation treatments. The internal treatments use the latest advancements in polymer and antiscalant technology. Many are USDA and FDA approved


Complying with the regulatory requirements for discharging waste water can be a daunting challenge. We have a complete line of waste water treatment products that will help keep your facility in compliance with your discharge permit. To develop these programs, we will work with you on site and in the lab to provide the most effective and robust waste water treatment available.